Is Fixing & Flipping Homes Right For You?


Have you ever considered investing in real estate by fixing and flipping homes? Nihar Gala, entrepreneur and one of the most successful business owners has a medical degree from Rutgers University and is the founder of Alpha Medical Care, with 4 locations throughout the state of Delaware.

He’s also an experienced real estate investor who loves helping people make money through his Fix & Flip Real Estate Investment program. Let’s explore this topic to help determine if this type of investment is right for you.
The Pros of Home Fixing & Flipping
Fixing and flipping homes can be very lucrative if it’s done correctly. It allows investors to purchase properties below market value, make upgrades to increase its value, then sell it at a higher price than what they paid originally.

This strategy takes advantage of an ever-changing housing market as well as a motivated seller who needs cash quickly. With access to a great team of contractors and experience in the industry, Nihar has achieved success through his fix & flip program.

But, if you don’t have enough time to complete your project within a reasonable amount of time, you may end up losing money due to carrying costs such as taxes and insurance while your property remains vacant or unfinished.
Whether you decide to fix & flip homes or not, it’s important to do your research before embarking on any new venture. Nihar Gala has had success with his Fix & Flip Real Estate Investment program, but he is honest about the risks associated with this type of investment as well.

If done correctly, this can be a profitable way for anyone looking for passive income streams or long-term investments in real estate markets. Ultimately it comes down to making sure that you invest in quality properties that have the potential for appreciation over time, so think carefully before taking the plunge into fix & flipping homes!