Marty Nothstein’s book, A Cyclists Guide to Remaining Healthy, Fit, and Safe on the Road


Cycling is an excellent method of transportation, particularly in urban areas where the flow of traffic can be frenetic and distressing. In addition to that, it’s a fantastic method to stay fit and healthy! Here are some tips for keeping safe on your bike.

Wear A Helmet

Wearing a helmet while cycling is not only prudent, it is required by legislation in some states. Helmets can protect you from head, brain, and neck injuries brought on by trail or traffic accidents, as well as save your life. According to cyclist Marty Nothstein, they also help prevent eye injuries and spinal nerve injuries.

Get A Bike That Fits You Well

• Stand-over height: This is the height measured from the ground to the point where your seat tube and bottom bracket connect.

• Measure the height of the seat along its entire length, from where it rests down on top of the rails to where it is lowest underfoot.

• Reach/reach-to-brake lever distance: This can be measured in two different ways: either by measuring between the wrist creases while holding onto a stable object, such as handlebars.

• Seat position angle: This refers to what was previously discussed regarding how far forward should ideally be positioned relative to handlebars. Using the same technique as above, adjust appropriately as required until comfortable.

Choose Your Route Carefully

If you are riding late at night, stay on major routes with bike lanes and well-lit. Avoid traveling on congested roads during peak hours because they pose a risk to all drivers, not just cyclists. Hilly terrain should be avoided at first if you’re new to riding.

Be Seen And Be Safe

Marty Nothstein Always Be seen. Use lamps and bright attire. In an accident on busy roads or unprotected trails, a helmet can avoid serious head injuries. Before turning or stopping, notify with your hands. Cars yield to bicycles at intersections. Drive carefully to dodge pedestrians and potholes. Check parked cars before past them to avoid being hit by drivers opening doors.

Go For A Bike Check Up Once A Year

You’ll want to check that your bike is in excellent condition and that everything on it is functioning properly. This pertains to the wheels, brakes, and chain. If any parts are worn out or damaged in any way, you should also consider changing them now, such as tires or tubes.