Privnote: Your Tool for Private Correspondence


Together with the climb of technological innovation, privacy and protection have recently become a best worry for everybody. Texting and fast online messaging made it easier and faster to communicate, but it additionally enhances the concern of privacy. Regular texts will not be protected text generally protected, and they can be easily intercepted, leaving behind your private data revealed. Thankfully, there is a strategy to this concern – Shielded Textual content, your protected online messaging solution.

Guarded Text message was designed with security and safety under consideration. It is a cost-free-to-use online messaging application that is certainly accessible for both Android and iOS devices. Shielded Text message operates based on end-to-finish encryption. This means that the communications between users are encrypted in order that nobody, not the service agency, can see or entry the messages. It offers protect, individual online messaging, making sure your information is safe and private.

Protected Textual content is likewise user-pleasant. The iphone app is easy to use and easy to setup. You may create groups with friends and relations, which enables you to connect and share information and facts using them securely. The user user interface is clean and intuitive, which makes it very easy to browse through, and it also permits you to easily look for, look at, and manage your emails.

In addition, Protected Text gives an extra layer of security, the burner concept characteristic. This feature enables you to send messages that may personal-destruct after having a specific time period, like information which are delivered through Snapchat. This is useful for if you want to send vulnerable information and facts that needs to be erased soon after it has provided its purpose.

Guarded Text message also requires great care together with the private data of the users. It can not store any data – your information are merely kept in your device. Also you can erase interactions out of your gadget, which happens to be good for clearing out older emails and lowering clutter.


Secure online messaging has become a requirement in this particular electronic digital age, and Protected Text is a superb answer. It gives you end-to-end encryption, easy-to-use graphical user interface, and an extra level of security. Should you wish to maintain your sms messages, pictures, and video lessons private, then this option is worth trying out. Download Protected Text and ensure your interaction stays secure and confident, always.