Significant Reasons To Visit An ENT Specialist Like Dr. Paul Drago


An ENT specialist is a doctor specializing in ear, nose, and throat (ENT) disease. ENT diseases can affect the hearing, balance, or communication abilities of the ears, nose, or throat. ENT specialists are trained to treat ENT diseases using different surgery types and medications. They are also trained to perform tests on patients to find out what is causing their symptoms.

There are several reasons to visit an ENT specialist. If you’re having trouble sleeping or if you’re having problems hearing, an ENT specialist can help you get the best treatment possible. Your doctor may recommend a type of hearing aid to help improve your hearing, or they may be able to provide other solutions that will allow you to hear better.

Your ENT specialist will also be able to check on any conditions that may cause problems with your sinuses and nose, such as allergies or sinus infections. They may perform exams on your ears, throat, nose, and sinuses to identify any issues with these areas. You need to take care of any issues with your ears that bother you so that they don’t become chronic problems later on down the road!

More Information About Dr. Drago

Dr. Paul Drago has committed over 30 years to healthcare. He specializes in aesthetic treatments and otolaryngology. His adventure started with EMT certification at the Institute of Emergency Medicine in New York. This event deepened his healthcare interest. After his certification, Drago earned a Bachelor of Science in Zoology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Maryland in 1985 with a 3.9 GPA.

He graduated from The Ohio State University College of Medicine five years later to concentrate on his profession. Dr. Paul Drago is dedicated to helping families enjoy personally and professionally healthy lives. Dr. Drago also volunteers for charities that promote health, exercise, and nutrition. He has led medical missions for his faith. He volunteered with Stewards of Christ Children’s Homelessness Project, Promise Keepers, American Cancer Society, and Operation Smile.