With David Woroboff, he has the opportunity to achieve a relative improvement with digital technology in changing routines, habits, and customs


The use of telemedicine has grown exponentially, mainly due to efforts to minimize person-to-person contact. Expansions of telemedicine services have become a lifesaver, particularly for patients seeking addiction treatment services.
David Woroboff is an information strategist and specialist managing new tools for data organization and generating new business for operational excellence.
Telemedicine is set to play a very important role in healthcare in the coming years; it is important that people can be given the right tool to make the most of what lies ahead. Telemedicine devices can be found on the market that serves as virtual resources to connect people to health. Still, they can do much more than just patients experiencing virtual medical visits.
David Woroboff as a leader in the telemedicine industry provides important contributions with high standards of quality and experience and has helped transform the United States health system in the next decade.

Tools that allow greater control

Telemedicine has the potential to generate more revenue in healthcare, representing huge savings for American companies. David Woroboff works in these specialized systems and with commercial allies that are companies widely recognized globally to also project operational excellence in these companies through the highest standards of quality processes. This is due to the precision of modern equipment that makes it possible to guarantee that the data displayed by the monitoring devices is adequate for each person.
With this, there is an opportunity for improvement related to digital technology in changing routines, habits, and customs since the digitization of health services translates into excellent health results and close and periodic monitoring for the control of treatments.

The best medical assistance

With a Six Sigma black belt like David Woroboff, the company can create a team of experienced employees at all levels within their organization that allows them to provide medical assistance face-to-face and via telemedicine from the comfort of their homes.